The idea for the NEPIHL tournament started during the COVID-pandemic in 2020. 2 players from The Netherlands wanted to play more para ice hockey matches. Because of the few teams in The Netherlands they collaborated with teams from Belgium, France and Great-Britain.

NEPIHL stands for Northwest Europe Para Ice Hockey League. It is a tournament between European Para Ice Hockey teams in which disabled and non-disabled players can participate.

The first edition of the NEPIHL tournament was organized in March 2022 by a group of enthusiastic ice hockey players from Sheffield, Deurne, Rouen, Amsterdam and Dordrecht. The host for the first tournament was Deurne (Antwerp). Sheffield won the first edition in 2022. In general the main goal to organize a tournament was achieved. A lot of players enjoyed participating in the tournament and had fun. There was also a lot of attention from the media from Belgium and Great-Britain. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1030136180968749

The logo is designed by Jake from the Sheffield Steel Kings and is… Jake maybe you can add some content here..

The Belgian team did a great job organizing the first edition of this tournament. You can watch the photo’s of the tournament here and the aftermovie here.


After the first tournament it was decided to turn the NEPIHL into an annual event. The next NEPIHL-tournament will take place in Dordrecht on the 1st and 2nd of April 2023. Check this page for more information. 

Are you interested to watch the matches of the tournament? Or would you like to visit with a group? Feel free to contact us at info@nepihl.eu . Entry is free.